Private Sector Services

Private Sector Clients

Private Sector Services

Improve the private sector client relationship with the municipality.

The private sector will ask for Tim’s assistance if they feel they are not able to either get what they need from the municipality or even understand why they need this particular item from the municipality. Tim works with staff of the municipality to try to understand the municipality’s process and then assist the private sector client in explaining in more detail what it is they are actually looking for. This work is done with the knowledge of the CAO or city manager of the municipality and it is usually successful.

Improving Board Governance of a Private Sector Company

Tim has been successful in assisting a private sector company who wanted to make improvements to the way their Board of Directors operates. The company was specifically interested in developing their board as a governance board and not an operations board. Tim used his considerable experience of being on 3 not-for-profit governance boards to assist the private sector company in changing their own board. The 3 boards that Tim volunteered for were the United Way of Hamilton-Halton, the Burlington Community Foundation and currently Amity Goodwill Hamilton-Halton.

Land Development for Private Sector Clients

Tim on occasion has done work for private sector land development companies in the early stages of their project. Tim ensures that the company already have a planner in place and who is responsible for doing all of the planning work. This will then ensure that Tim is only providing strategic advice. Under this basis, the job for Tim is to make sure that the land developer is doing everything in the community that is needed to be seen as a respected developer. In these situations, Tim works closely with senior staff.