Public Sector & Municipal Services

What Tim does for the Public Sector / Municipalities

Organizational Reviews

Tim has assisted many municipalities in conducting an organizational review either for a portion or all of the municipality’s organization. Organizational reviews work if enough staff in the municipality are involved in the work of this project, and if the financial implications of the project are within the comfort limit of the Municipal Council. The role of a consultant is to ensure that the goals and objectives of the organization will be achieved and that the recommendations of the work are implementable within the financial parameter set. The more staff are involved in an organizational review, the less surprise and greater buy-in will be achieved with the work.

Development Application Processing Review

Recently in Ontario, when the development industry has concerns about how they are being treated in a particular municipality, it may be the indicator to the CAO and Council that a review of the development application processing in the municipality should take place.

Tim has done many of these studies in Ontario and it is important that a process is developed where unfettered input can be received by the consultant from all involved, including development staff, developers themselves, developer consultants and the public. Through this large amount of input, the issue that the development community has with the municipality should become clear and this should allow for recommendations to be made for Council that can have a significant impact on the development application process. In order to be effective, this process needs to be followed quickly so that the amount of criticism of any particular staff member or group can be limited and corrective action taken as soon as possible.

Development of a Strategic Plan

While working in Burlington, Tim had an opportunity to work with Burlington Council on the development of their first 7 strategic plans. The process followed in developing these plans must take into account an assessment of the amount of time that Council will be comfortable spending on this activity. When doing strategic plans as a consultant, Tim will involve as many staff as is feasible in the work, as well as having 3 to 5 meetings with Council. While Tim will facilitate the meetings with Council, the process would be done with a view that the next strategic plan by a given Council, could be done by staff and Council without a consultant. This would be one of the outcomes that Tim would attempt to achieve in doing a strategic plan with any municipality.

Staff/Council Relationship

While Tim has done this work for municipalities in the past, at this time there is no common process that will be a solution for any municipality. In this work, Tim has found that interviewing each member of senior staff and each member of Council is what has to be done first before a process is developed and recommended by Tim to the Council and senior staff on how to improve the staff Council relationship. Tim will gladly speak to CAOs and city managers about this process without any obligation to the municipality to have Tim carry out the work.

Council Code of Conduct

Most municipalities have developed Council codes of conduct, however, even the best ones need updating from time to time. This project would start with face-to-face interviews with members of Council and members of senior staff and then move into discussions with all of Council working through positions of the agreement, which can then help to form the Council code of conduct.

Mentoring CAOs & City Managers

One of the most rewarding things that Tim does in municipalities is to mentor a new CAO or city manager. This normally is done for either 6 months or 12 months. The basis of this work is that Tim will visit the municipality 2 times per month spending 2 to 4 hours with the CAO in the municipality. In addition during the weeks that Tim does not go to the municipality, he will have a phone call with the CAO. The final portion of this work is that Tim will make himself available for calls at any time including evenings and weekends should the new CAO needs some help immediately.