Tim Dobbie

Services to Help!

Tim L. Dobbie Consulting provides municipalities and other public and private institutions with a broad range of services, including strategic development, facilitation, organizational reviews, and executive search.

Every project and every client is different. Our team takes the time to understand your situation and develop a customized plan to accomplish your objectives.

We offer the collaborative leadership you need and the personal experience you trust.

Leadership and Development of Community Collaboratives

We facilitate discussion between private, public and government groups in order to create an effective environment for producing your desired results.

Tim L. Dobbie Consulting Ltd. services include:

  • Organizing community engagement and bringing involved groups together to develop action plans for results
  • Facilitating and leading development of projects that involve a variety of diverse groups of interested participants
  • Helping to establish an organization’s key principles, values, priorities, responsibilities, and a framework for action

Municipal Organizational Reviews

We align municipal organization structures in order to create a more productive and effective working environment. As an experienced third party, we can provide credible advice on how to improve functionality within the municipal structure.

Our approach includes:

  • Detailed interviews with all staff
  • Reading all relevant materials (strategic plans, past reports, evaluations etc.) in order to fully understand your situation
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats.)
  • Recommendations on assigning responsibilities – several options will be presented to determine the best route to success
  • Assistance with the approval process and implementation plan
  • Follow-up to help ensure recommendations are implemented

Private Sector

We work with private sector company to assist: communication, collaboration, lease negotiation, land zoning issues, councils education and awareness and decision making with a municipality and the private sector.

This includes:

  • Strategic Land and Business Development Facilitation
  • Strategic Plan
  • Relationship Building with Private Land Owners with Municipality Staff

Strategic Land and Business Development Facilitation

We work with public and private companies to assist in land and business development and to facilitate working relationships with municipal council.

This includes:

  • Helping to facilitate strategic and development issues
  • Developing cooperative relationships with the community
  • Helping to reach solutions that benefit all parties

Facilitation of Council and Senior Staff Strategy

We provide assistance in managing the strategic issues of your community by working with council and/or the city’s senior management team. Leveraging our many years of experience in Burlington and Hamilton, Tim L. Dobbie Consulting Ltd. helps to create an effective working environment for accomplishing your objectives.

Our services include:

  • Working with council and senior staff to clarify each one’s responsibilities – including the mayor, city manager, and city management team
  • Reviewing the operational characteristics of the senior management team
  • Assisting the team in development of the community’s strategic issues, establishing priorities, and creating work plans

Municipal and Not For Profit Executive Searches

We provide recruitment and selection services for municipalities, not-for-profits, community colleges, and other institutions.

In association with Promeus Executive Search, our services include:

  • Searching for exceptional candidates using local and national global networks, advertising, and other contacts
  • Selecting and interviewing a list of viable candidates
  • Working with you to determine a short list
  • Providing assistance on making final decisions and contract negotiations